Vegetarian/Vegan Buffet


What to expect and what we guarantee? Regional, seasonal comfort food

A "Stahlwerk-Buffet" with delicious starters and a salad buffet to mix yourself. Tasty homemade dressings with vegan/vegetarian finishing touches. The kitchen team is using regional and seasonal products. Delicious tubers such as organic Linda or quinoa from Bad Segeberg. Of course, a soup shouldn't be missing either; anything that tastes good and is easy to sip can be added to the pot. And then things get really hot in the "Stahlwerk" show kitchen. 

Then our hotplates are running at full power for our main courses, a few classics such as potato gratin and Mediterranean vegetables are waiting for you alongside great creations such as pulled mushroom burgers, homemade vegan curry sausage or even a vegan curry with a colorful rice variation. 

The imagination of what is being chopped here is as colorful and diverse as there are types of vegetables.  We always catch something delicious for our fish friends at Fischer Kemnitz or Reese. The fishing rod is sometimes cast further afield, into the large lakes and seas. 

Our patisserie presents delicacies to melt away such as organic chocolate mousse, oat milk panna cotta, soy rice pudding, vegan chocolate mousse - this is just the beginning of happiness. We have tasty cheese available which we receive from our our James Farm. 

Bon appetit!

Pssst...Sunday is dedicated to vegan/vegetarian cuisine, but we also have a heart for the meat friends. Under the counter we hide a selection of, for example, steaks, roast beef or pork from Schleswig-Holstein, which are available to you at an additional charge. We want to make all of our "Stahlwerk" guests happy. 

Close the week with a healthy, delicious and regional meal in our restaurant 1500°C.We look forward to seeing you!

€26.00 per guest

meat supplement: depending on the piece of meat and composition, there is an additional charge of between €7,50 and €16 for the meat plate . You can find the current daily price directly at the buffet.

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