The Gustavs Team welcomes you every tuesday to saturday from 6:00 pm.

Our head-chef Alexander Lange, Food and Beverage director René Speer and their team will welcome you with an ambitious, fresh cross-over cuisine concept. Embark on an exciting culinary journey and enjoy delicious classics and juicy steaks à la carte. 

One of our highlights on the menu is the "Feierabend-Tischbuffet" served in 3 courses directly at your table. Enjoy a brilliant selection of appetizers with dips and bread as well as the best of land and sea from the GUSTAVS oven and mouthwatering sweets. It’s perfect to share with the whole family, best friends, business dinner or even just for two. 

Sneak a peek to our “menu of the day” …. There you will find delicious contemporary classics and seasonal dishes.

The GUSTAVS is a place to enjoy a lovely cocktail, wine or fresh drafted beer. 

We are happy to prepare special dishes, should there be any intolerance or dietary requirements. Kindly inform us in advance in order to prevent any waiting time.

Please be advised that we cannot take any responsibility for any unnoted or live threatening intolerances.