Back in the days

Back in the days…

Founded in 1926, the nordic steel mills in Neumünster were mainly producing parts for the ship and large-scale engineering. The range extended from huge pistons and cylinder covers for ship engines, sterns and rudder blades as well as shovels for river dredgers.

Back in the 70s, the time of the heavy engineering the steelmills had about 250 employees in the foundry, distillery and welding.

In 2001 the steelmills declared bankrupcy, since then the buildings have deteriorated into ruins. In 2008 the investors Stephan Johannsen and Jan Pinno bought the collapsing industrial site to build a hotel at the area. The former foundry with its historic steel trolleys and impressive skylight was preserved and combined with a new brick building.

Since the opening of the hotel on November first in 2012 the Hotel Altes Stahlwerk accommodates its guest in the 100 Lifestyle rooms.

The “factory style” runslike a commonthread throughout the house, combiningold beams andwalls with new, pure elegance. The gutted former fettling shop of the steel mill now houses the "Restaurant 1500°C" and 15 function rooms.