James Farm is our supplier of eggs, dairy products, cheese specialties and meat products. Farmers and chefs work hand in hand: our guest benefit from this, because it can hardly be fresher and more sustainable in a hotel kitchen. A sympathetic and enjoyable collaboration that only knows winners: the animals, the guests, the employees. A real big family!

James Farm was opened on September 11, 2021.

A modern agricultural business on 120 hectares that produces, processes and refines its own products. Traditional, regional breeds live here, such as the Husum protest pig (it is undoubtedly part of the eventful German-Danish history), Duroc and wool pigs, which promise high quality products and produce healthy, long-lasting offspring. The aim is to have 150 country pigs: close to their homeland, robust, peaceful and occasionally unruly. They are kept on straw in an open stable with a run. 20 "Rotbunte" DN dairy cows graze in the neighborhood.

First farm residents

Since mid-April 2020, 70 German Angus cattle have been grazing on the pastures, and a herd of 200 cattle is being built up with our own offspring. A farm-owned slaughterhouse is being built next to the stables. Thanks to the direct connection, no transport is necessary. 440 happy chickens also scratch courageously in the open air.

Up next

The vision of the farm operator is, that sustainably produced food will become economically attractive again through modern processes and techniques. The excellent quality is based on their high ecological values. This starts with the quality of the food grown in-house.The 16 committed employees enjoy their work and live a transparent farm culture. Open to visitors and hotel guests, to whom they enthusiastically present their values and products. More plans in store? The first expansion of the product range is the cultivation of vegetables and herbs - both outdoors and in greenhouses. An own bakery and brewery as well as a biogas plant - to close future energy cycles - are at the top of the list.

James Farm Shop
opening hours
Tuesday-Friday 10 am- 6pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm

In our James Farm Shop you will find fine dairy products from the cheese dairy as well as a large selection of products from the in-house slaughterhouse. In addition to our own products, you can also find vegetables, fruit, bread and baked goods from the region on the farm.

James Farm GmbH & Co. KG
Nordhackstedter Straße 8 । 24980 Hörup